Live Blood Cell Analysis

  • Are you satisfied with your quality of life?
  • Do you experience pain or discomfort & want to know why?
  • Would you like to experience a high level of vitality every day?
  • Your human body is a miracle of nature, beyond the comprehension of mind or science
  • Explore becoming an expert in creating and maintaining a high level of health and vitality.
  • Bring your body into a state of balance ~ physically, mentally and emotionally.

Live Blood Cell Analysis & Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation offer tools to empower you to change your destiny, reclaim and improve your health wherever you are starting from. You will leave your session equipped with simple, easy to use tools to monitor and dramatically change your level of health and well being.

Available Sessions:

Nutritional Microscopy (Live Blood Cell Analysis)

  • Your first session includes:
    • Filling out a Lifestyle Survey
    • Live Blood Cell Analysis
    • M.O.S.T. Evaluation
    • Information Packet
      • Alkaline food chart
      • Alkaline Recipes
      • Transitional Food Guide
      • Feedback Loop Recommendations

During your session we take photos of your live and dry blood, a report including some of these photos will be available to add to your information packet. We will also use these photos on screen to compare future blood samples.

Alkaline Lifestyle Support

One week after your Microscopy session it is helpful to have a short session to review dietary & /or lifestyle changes that we have discussed and set goals. At this time we will determine the level of support most appropriate to your needs.

Most important is to start where you are and determine the best ways to move forward. Although the basic protocols to restore pH balance are the same the steps each of us takes and the speed of the journey are very individual.

These sessions are also available independent of Microscopy.

Note: All session of one hour or more include a complimentary 15 minute phone follow up.