Nutritional Microscopy

Nutritional Microscopy is an educational tool which allows me to show you on screen a sample of your live blood and a dry sample of your clotted blood.This process is referred to as Live Cell Analysis and M.O.S.T. (mycotoxic oxidative stress test).

Live Blood Cell Analysis
In the live blood sample you will be able to see the size, shape and functionality of your red blood cells. Your red blood cells are the transporters of oxygen and nutrients to all the other cells of your body. Your red blood cells are
also responsible for transporting the carbon dioxide from your body cells to be expelled. If your dietary and lifestyle choices are good your red blood cells will look even, round and solid, the plasma in which they move will be clear of debris. For most of us this is not the case and whether it is a result of insufficient hydration, too much sugar or the impact of yeast this will be visible on screen for you to see for yourself. The science is wonderfully simple and obvious when viewed in this way.

In the dry blood sample we are able to see the deeper patterning that may be undermining your vitality and see the
impact of the health of your red blood cells over time in your body systems: your skin, lymphatic system and colon.The formation of the network of fibrin which shows in the sample can indicate areas of the body which may be inflamed or compromised in some way by your dietary and life style choices. Using this tool, making simple changes and then reviewing the picture of your blood at periodic intervals can show in clear visual terms the impact you are having on your well being. This is truly a fascinating tool.

What to expect at your session
I provide an intake form for you to fill out as well as a disclaimer that you understand this exciting tool is for educational purposes only. I am obliged to tell you to consult a medical professional for any treatment or diagnosis of illness. After the session I will provide you with a printed report including pictures of your live and dried blood pointing out any significant areas in need of attention along with the dietary and lifestyle changes we have discussed which may be helpful in increasing your health, vitality and well being. I will be available for a follow up call once you have had a chance to look at your report should you have any questions or concerns about the information. Future appointments will be helpful to see the impact of any changes to your diet and lifestyle that you have been able to embrace. The time frame for follow ups depends on your interest in making the recommended changes as well as the severity of the lack of vitality you have been experiencing.