What to expect at your session I provide an intake form for you to fill out as well as a disclaimer that you understand this exciting tool is for educational purposes only. I am obliged to tell you to consult a medical professional for any treatment or diagnosis of illness. After the session I will […]

By Jan Browne With each new decade we are exposed to more and more chemicals, toxins and food additives. There are many we have grown used to being around and may consider harmless and/or essential to maintain our standard of living.  Some are obvious, easy to identify and once identified can be avoided. Others are […]

The Quest for Health: An Alkaline Lifestyle

By Jan Browne What is meant by the term ‘An Alkaline Lifestyle’? First it is important to define what our perfect life would look like. How do we want to live? How do we want to feel? Is there a way we can connect every day with our vitality and joy? Can we enhance our […]

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The Quest For Health: A Perspective on Cancer

By Jan Browne “Dr. T. Simoncini, an oncologist in Italy, has pioneered sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) therapy as a means to treat cancer. The fundamental theory behind this treatment lies in the fact that, despite a number of variable factors, the formation and spreading of tumors is simply the result of the presence of a fungus.” […]

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