Alkaline Lifestyle Support


It seems we are living in a time when the natural sciences of health are being increasingly superseded by the unnatural sciences. Any aspect of our lives we care to look at: the environment, the economy, politics or personal health ~  in all cases it is clear that things are not exactly in balance and, sadly, appear to moving further away from balance rather than towards it.

Personal Health

At the level of personal health we are exposed to many preservatives, chemicals, processed oils and sugars, genetically engineered foods, irradiated foods, pasteurized and homogenized foods ~ many of which are unfamiliar to our body’s digestive and eliminative systems. A consequence is a build up of acidic toxins in our body which cannot easily be neutralized sufficiently to be transported out safely through our organs of elimination. This greatly disturbs the pH balance of our bodily fluids and tissues and results in increasing disturbance, manifesting as inflammation, pain and stagnation. When the body fluids become congested and stagnant it is not surprising that fatigue and discomfort are experienced.

The Goal of Alkaline Lifestyle Support

The goal of Alkaline Lifestyle Support is to identify acid forming foods in your diet, replace them with alkaline foods and liquids ~ neutralize the build up of acids ~ once the acids are neutralized and you are well hydrated the stagnation is relieved, the accumulated toxins can be safely eliminated and it is once again possible to experience not only a renewed sense of vitality but also a sense of health empowerment.

Both a Miracle & a Given!

My goal in offering Alkaline Lifestyle Support is Health Empowerment. I know that our bodies have incredible resilience. I know that when given adequate hydration, sufficient alkaline reserves, dynamic motion in our fluid systems to regulate elimination, oxygen through our breath and healthy red blood cells miracles of rejuvenation happen. It is both a miracle and a given! When our cells are no longer stressed through acid accumulation, dehydration and stagnation, the messages sent through our neural pathways to our brains are no longer screaming ‘help’ and appearing as stress and anxiety, rather a sense of peace and well being begins to be the norm.