About Me

My name is Jan Browne and I  have been exploring alternative therapies and searching for the simplest common denominator to promote health, vitality and well being for many years.

I believe health, vitality and well being are available for every living being to claim on their own behalf. I know that health, vitality and well being are qualities we are individually responsible for providing for ourselves and our loved ones and I strive to find the most simple and effective way to bring the information on how to access this right to light.

My qualification up to date in this exploration include:

Nutritional Microscopist ~ trained with Dr Robert Young (www.phmiracleliving.com) at The Valley Center in Southern California.

Yuen Method Practitioner ~ trained and certified by Dr Yuen in the energy healing method he has evolved from his Shao Lin Martial Arts expertise.

Transformational Therapist ~ trained at Heartwood Institute, Garberville, CA in 1986. My training included Radiance Breathwork, Neo-Reichian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, Counselling, Herbology and Hydrotherapy.

My vision is to become daily more responsible for my own physical, emotional and spiritual well being and vitality, to luxuriate in that vitality and to assist others to enhance awareness of their innate potential.

I offer Alkaline Lifestyle Support, Nutritional Microscopy (Live and Dry Blood Cell Viewing), Micro~massage and Yuen Method Energetics.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service possible.